MEUS – an exhibition 4th July-28th July

We are gearing up for our July show. We open hot on the heels of Photoeast which runs from 24th May – 24th June. We will show in the Town Hall during the opening of the event and then in the local gallery in July.

One of our founding fathers, Keith Locke, of this small fringe group straddling the easternmost fringes of East Anglia is featured on this poster. All members exhibiting in the show will have a tailored poster.

This is to fit in with our theme of MEUS which literally means ‘of mine’




Many, many thanks to all the visitors who thronged through the gallery doors on Sunday to see our small selection of images from the never ending documentary project exploring the never ending changes of the docklands of the Orwell.

Special thanks to wives and partners for sourcing and making refreshments. The cakes were very highly regarded in comments made on social media channels.

The BH Monday was an even busier day.

One of the photographers in the group will be in attendance each day the event is on. We will all be there on the 19th June for the closing view.

The gallery is open between 11:00 and 16:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week.


The project that this herd of nomadic photographic cats has been working on is changing gear. We are about to open a new show in May to coincide with the Photoeast festival. We tried to get space within this inaugural international festival but alas we were not gifted inclusion.

Being entrepreneurs of a certain age group we looked for a plan B  and that is what is happening.

The show will be at the Beyond the Image gallery at Thornham Magna. Thornham Magna is half way up the A140 on that linear transport network linking Ipswich to Norwich. It used to be on the list of major trunk roads and motorways managed by the Highways Agency (renamed Highways England) but it got de-trunked – (yes that does happen to reduce costs and transfer responsibility away from the central Agency) and is now under the stewardship of Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils. Why mention this at all? Well the Photoeast festival although centered  on Ipswich Wet Dock this year (one of the prime points of focus for our collaborative effort), is based around that other linear transport network being the East Suffolk railway line. There will be all sorts of stuff going on along that route including participation by one of our group members Bill Jackson at Halesworth Cut. Check out the Photoeast site for his details, and the details of his theme – it involves people and their dogs and should prove very popular.

Talking of popular, Thornham Magna is a very popular destination with quite a wide demographic. It was once favoured by Henry VIII no less as a place to go hunting.

Make a note in your diaries for this event though. Three very different contemporary viewpoints from three independent photographers. We open on a public holiday weekend so get this in your diary and we will love to see you there and talk about our work.



Poster advertising Contradictions 27 May-19 June 2016


This time next week a PV is happening

Exhibition_cardThis time next week we will be finalising the finishing touches to the Edgelands exhibition. I am very grateful for the support I have had from group members in getting this show on the wall. The encouragement and manpower offered has helped a great deal.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the PV and  I would welcome feedback on the show.



Halesworth New Cut – Bill Jackson

Bill opened a new show yesterday at Halesworth.

After a frustrating start involving calling out the RAC I managed to get there albeit later than planned. I’m glad I went. Bill’s work is very thought provoking and needs to be seen. Take my advice and look at the work first then view the video. I’m sure CARTOGRAPHIE LUMINAIRE will stimulate your thought processes.

There are several strands or themes of work on show in a very good space. This is the first time I have been to New Cut but now I have been, I shall have to go again.

Some of you may in the group will know Bill so please make every effort to support his show and promote it to your chums and further afield.