Hehir today gone tomorrow

I’ve been a tad croaky of late but I forced myself out to grab some shots of our docklands project with the last rays of sunshine on 31st December 2015.


It was hard to comprehend that three of us were up on the top of building to the left of the image for 12 hours during the second day of the Ipswich Maritime Festival in August.  There will not be a festival this year but at some point we will scale the heights again for some significant event or other as we add more images to the pot to edit from.

Is anyone else out there taking part in photoeast? We have asked for a slot but we await news on that front. Somehow I think the event is all topped and tailed. Whatever happens it ought to be a good blast for contemporary photography in Suffolk.

In the meantime keep alert and making images.


Docklands project scales new heights

Ipswich Wet Dock & Tidal berths 24th July 2015

Ipswich Wet Dock & Tidal berths 24th July 2015

On Friday 24th July 3 likely lads from the EACG group scaled new heights and road tested the procedures for gaining access to the roof of the James Hehir building in Ipswich wet dock.

A view of the Wet Dock lock and grain berth, Ipswich 24th July 2015

A view of the Wet Dock lock and grain berth, Ipswich 24th July 2015


The procedures went to plan. We will debrief when we next meet.

It was impossibly bright this morning …..

After the mediocre light yesterday I was determined to find better conditions today. I was up and out by 0500 and even that was too late as I drove East into the grey gloom of dawn.

Luckily for me my vantage point faces North West so I managed to salvage something of the early start.

MSC Oscar before sunrise

This image was made at 05:54. Impossibly harsh shadows cast on the water from the construction cranes. These are more evident in the later images when the ambient light got brighter.

A stiffer than forecast 8 knot Nor westerly meant I had to use the 161 for stability. This image was made at ISO800 1.3s F13.

A spring in my step

I had things to do this morning such as dropping Mrs O’s car off for MOT and posting off my pension application. I like to support the real Post Office near the University so I lugged my kit down with me. Mrs O had voiced her opinion that Spring was in the air before I left. If this is her idea of Spring then it must be an Arctic Spring. Was it grim or was it grim?

The Cut Brewery Tap Building Blocks West Bank Line Gated Slip Grim, just grim

I did spy the railway wagons on the West Bank from the Tolly Brewery site so I marched over there to find some shunting going on. At least Peter will know that the bridge he has in his viewfinder does carry rail freight.

An overdue look at the East end of Ipswich docklands

I went for a long walk this morning. It was one of those days of choices to be made at the bottom of our street. Right for Kingfishers. Left for the docks. Left it was as I have neglected this project for a few weeks owing to other admin and higher priorities with other projects.

A few from today.

Orwell River Cruises

Tank Fram

Tolly Cobbold Brewery

Much of the dock is thought of as the glossy pedestrianised part but there is a backside to all glossy front doors.



Supplicant cranes

I was out an hour and a quarter before sunrise today in my quest for more images to go into the pot to edit from for my forthcoming exhibition. By 0830 the game was over. Far too bright so I trundled home to undertake some admin. A foray out for the last two hours of daylight found me in Shotley looking across to a very empty Felixstowe. I set up on the foreshore and it was only after a frame or two that I realised that the cranes tending to the China Shipping vessel were settling into position almost like supplicants before a monarch.

Golden hour. You have got to love it.

Walton Terminal from Shotley

Walton Terminal from Shotley