Docklands – getting higher viewpoints

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend?

Peter Ellis and I met with a director of estates at UCS a few months ago to secure access to a high level vantage point from which to make new records of the wet dock. I have scripted both a Risk Assessment and Method Statement for us to qualify for access to their roof top.

Presently, it is only Peter and I on the list as we are the photographers who met and brokered the agreement with them. We did say that we would add others once we got the outline approval.

There is a physical impediment to last stage of ascent to the roof with a vertical galvanised ladder used for the last 14 feet. I’ll add additional photographers to the method statement that will have to be read and signed at our next meeting scheduled for 15th April. I will then send the signed copy to UCS.

Should anyone from the group not want to be granted access then please let either Peter or me know by Sunday 12th April at the latest so that I can prepare documents in advance.





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