Peter’s Shotley Book – HMS Ganges Boundaries

A while ago I started putting together the beginnings of a book about the Shotley peninsula centred on the old Royal Naval training school ‘HMS Ganges’. The project has grown like topsy and I have decided at the moment to group the images into separate categories.

This first one in our blog relates to the boundaries of the old school – designed to keep 15 year old boys along the straight and narrow. There are two streams of thought – those who enjoyed being there and those who did not, there is a lot on-line about this contentious subject so I’m not going there just think that the images speak for themselves.

It’s very overgrown now and awaiting re-development, although the site has just changed hands again, the spectre (in developers eyes) of affordable housing has raised it’s head once again…

Boundary Marsh

In places there is the natural boundary of the river Orwell Martello Water tower

An old Martello tower, the remains of a long past war has been pressed into use as a water tower; now rusting away

Boundary Steel

The current owners of the site, not wanting to spend unnecessarily use whatever they can to keep people out these days, not young boy sailors in…

Boundary Post

In some places the old wrought iron fence can still be clearly seen

Boundary Garage door

In others an old garage door has been used

Boundary Pallet

or an old pallet

Boundary Dorm

I wonder how many ghosts wander the corridors of the old building at night…


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