Forgotten Suffolk



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Ive been working on anew project lately. My last body of work and solo exhibition was about documenting ‘Forgotten Ireland’ I have now moved nearer home and the new project is called ‘Forgotten Suffolk” Here are a few new images for your consideration.


It was impossibly bright this morning …..

After the mediocre light yesterday I was determined to find better conditions today. I was up and out by 0500 and even that was too late as I drove East into the grey gloom of dawn.

Luckily for me my vantage point faces North West so I managed to salvage something of the early start.

MSC Oscar before sunrise

This image was made at 05:54. Impossibly harsh shadows cast on the water from the construction cranes. These are more evident in the later images when the ambient light got brighter.

A stiffer than forecast 8 knot Nor westerly meant I had to use the 161 for stability. This image was made at ISO800 1.3s F13.

A behemoth visits the Haven Ports

Not so long back I photographed the Globe on her maiden voyage berthed at Felixstowe. By the time she left 2 and a half days later she was no longer the largest container ship in the world. She had been superceded by the Oscar. Oscar made her maiden voyage to Felixstowe today arriving at 1100. Tugs danced and fussed around her and gave her a traditional fire jet welcome.

It was a grim day for lighting and I decided to try my luck from Shotley. There was no one there. I could see many people on the beach at Landguard through my lens. I was a tad disappointed in that she was quite light in the water and not carrying anything like her capacity. I will try again overnight but these vessels have had a huge impact on how the docks of Ipswich, Harwich and Felixstowe operate.

A maiden entry to the port brings out the fire jets

A maiden entry to the port brings out the fire jets

The light was better the closer I was to Walton terminal. Landguard is several cables away.

The light was better the closer I was to Walton terminal. Landguard is several cables away.

Arriving at Felixstowe from Rotterdam

Arriving at Felixstowe from Rotterdam

HMS Ganges – Entries and Exits

Another set from my Shotley Book – this time the ins and outs of the Navy school, now either locked or fenced off…

Boundary Access

Boundary front gate

Parts of the school perimeter are now overgrown and short sections of recent fencing hide who knows what – there is evidence of steps that were used by Boy Sailors to make their way to the waterside…

Boundary Bollard

Boundary Mast

Boundary No Fishing

The old jetty still remains, the site of embarkation for some who were not to return.

Boundary Jetty



Boundary Old gate

Peter’s Shotley Book – HMS Ganges Boundaries

A while ago I started putting together the beginnings of a book about the Shotley peninsula centred on the old Royal Naval training school ‘HMS Ganges’. The project has grown like topsy and I have decided at the moment to group the images into separate categories.

This first one in our blog relates to the boundaries of the old school – designed to keep 15 year old boys along the straight and narrow. There are two streams of thought – those who enjoyed being there and those who did not, there is a lot on-line about this contentious subject so I’m not going there just think that the images speak for themselves.

It’s very overgrown now and awaiting re-development, although the site has just changed hands again, the spectre (in developers eyes) of affordable housing has raised it’s head once again…

Boundary Marsh

In places there is the natural boundary of the river Orwell Martello Water tower

An old Martello tower, the remains of a long past war has been pressed into use as a water tower; now rusting away

Boundary Steel

The current owners of the site, not wanting to spend unnecessarily use whatever they can to keep people out these days, not young boy sailors in…

Boundary Post

In some places the old wrought iron fence can still be clearly seen

Boundary Garage door

In others an old garage door has been used

Boundary Pallet

or an old pallet

Boundary Dorm

I wonder how many ghosts wander the corridors of the old building at night…

Surprise visitor…

Most of you know that I’ve been busy lately, and apologies for no posts. I was sat having a sandwich at lunchtime yesterday the 3rd when I was surprised by an unusual visitor outside – sorry for the quality, it’s from my phone, against the light and through double-glazing….


A spring in my step

I had things to do this morning such as dropping Mrs O’s car off for MOT and posting off my pension application. I like to support the real Post Office near the University so I lugged my kit down with me. Mrs O had voiced her opinion that Spring was in the air before I left. If this is her idea of Spring then it must be an Arctic Spring. Was it grim or was it grim?

The Cut Brewery Tap Building Blocks West Bank Line Gated Slip Grim, just grim

I did spy the railway wagons on the West Bank from the Tolly Brewery site so I marched over there to find some shunting going on. At least Peter will know that the bridge he has in his viewfinder does carry rail freight.