Fragments Too

Original post December 30, 2014 By: Peter Ellis

As a newcomer and unlike Tom and Keith, I am still discovering the byways of Ipswich and the way things have changed. I am concentrating on the connection between the Docks and the railways at the moment and discovering more fragments of that association.

This set of images is about one of the links to the sidings that once served the docks and, I believe, a cattle yard. The bridge over the River Orwell is still there and a level crossing on Ranelagh Road. The connection south of Ranelagh Road is still obvious but the tracks that have been left on the north side took a bit of finding – now we need to find a way of getting a good view of the bridge…

Fragments Too 4

Fragments Too 6

Fragments Too 5

Fragments Too 7

Fragments Too 2

Fragments Too 3

Fragments Too 1

Tom Owens · December 30, 2014 Reply

Looking good Peter. You are well and truly into territory that is familiar to me. Underneath the railway bridge that goes nowhere is dodgy at the top of a spring tide. You will need wellies. Local knowledge. This bit of track attracts photography students from UCS, or has done in the past. Keep them coming.

Peter Ellis · December 31, 2014 Reply

Thanks Tom, I thought that it would be worth a visit – need to go back again armed with the RB67 methinks, a lot of potential in this topic.

My sister is investigating her contact at the Environment Agency so fingers crossed…

Tom Owens · January 1, 2015 Reply

Absolutely 6×7 subject matter IMHO. Good luck with the EA. Watching the docks from the orwellBridge does show one how busy it still is especially the grain shipments. The West bank looks to be very busy. I could not help but think of the North docks in Liverpool when I saw the pile of scrap metal. I worked in Gladstone Dock as a callow youth and it was a myriad of eastern products on import and booze by the shedload for export. Now it seems that the money is in scrap.

Keith Locke · January 2, 2015 Reply

Another good set of images Peter, it’s great to see all these wider views of the docks and the traces of the days gone by. We will have plenty to discuss at our next meeting.


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