The Wet Dock – an update

Original post November 19, 2014 By: Tom Owens

I don’t know what the rest of the group are doing with regards to the ‘Dock’ project but I thought I’d share my activities with you. I have primarily cycled or walked around the dock estate (where permitted) looking for different angles but not making images. I decided to investigate access to the restricted (gated) areas of the docks and called ABP Ports who manage the estate. I explained the rationale of of our project, that it was a group of contemporary photographers all with their own viewpoints and perspectives and that it was estimated to be at least a year’s worth of shooting before we would consolidate an edit into a product, be that a book, exhibition or something.

When I see restricted access areas, I always want to get the other side of the fence. This has been a lifetime thing with me so my initial request was to satisfy my curiosity but I extended it to cover the whole group. I have been challenged by Police at Felixstowe and Ipswich  in the past as being a suspicious looking person with both a large format monorail camera and or extremely long telephoto on a DSLR. I thought it best to try and circumvent getting my collar felt.

I got escalated up the food chain and given the Deputy Port Manager’s name to write to. This I did. The holding reply stated that ‘it was a big ask’. I await a senior level meeting result to determine whether any of us can gain access to the gated parts of the dock.

I will post the result of my request here.

In the meantime, I made an image this morning from roughly the same location as the snowy image I posted a few weeks ago. Low level warehouse has now given way to high (for Ipswich) apartment blocks.


I will be more scientific in recreating the same viewpoint by using the same camera, lens and focal length as I get more into changed content from same viewpoints.

Watch this space.


Comments from original blog

Peter Ellis · November 19, 2014 Reply

Thanks Tom, it would be good to get to places not normally available to the public to provide a different viewpoint. I have another avenue of approach which I will disclose later on if viable.

I have been giving the project some serious thought in my quieter moments and am looking for something diametrically opposed to Tom’s ideas – hopefully others will fill in the gaps…

Tom Owens · November 19, 2014 Reply

Thanks Peter. Diversity is the key to this project. Thanks to Patrick for spotting a typo on my website. One of the faults of instant creation and editing by the same hand is that the eye does not always see what one has writ!


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