The times they are a changing. Contemporaneous views of the wet dock Ipswich

Original post  October 30, 201 By: Tom Owens

Back in 2008, I had entered that Aladdin’s Cave – Grays of Westmister and acquired the must have lens for a DX body at the time – the 18-200. As with all new kit one has to get some test shots done so I scurried down to the wet dock in Ipswich which was at the time bristling with the busyness of the construction industry. The image here is not posted as a good example of photography, but merely a viewpoint of the dock from one of many vantage points around it. How times have changed.


Ipswich had little or no high rise buildings at the time but tower cranes had sprung up overnight and concrete was being poured seemingly 24 hours per day. Boom times indeed. The UCS building was still clad in hoardings and scaffold but open for business. A mini Gold rush before the markets collapsed. The marina has started to grow but nowhere near the size it is today.The Mill is nowhere to be seen.



These days, I am more measured in my shooting and images are made using different formats if I am out with my film cameras or indeed different films, colour, B&W and ISO. I find it fascinating in how time can be measured by visual references just by looking back at a photo timeline. I’ll dig out more images of the dock as and when I trawl through my key worded archive. The discipline of key words was one I embraced in 2011, a discipline introduced to me by the use of Lightroom. I find this invaluable these days for both film  (scanned) and digital records.


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stew · October 30, 2014 Reply

Good post Tom and nice images


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