Bah humbug

Original post December 3, 2014 By: Tom Owens

Season’s greeting to our EACG group.


I am not a Christmas lover. If I had my way it would be a 3 day maximum break and that would be the end of it. It is not an age thing either. I have not suddenly become  a Victor Meldrew. I just don’t like the commercialism of the season. Anyway, a few of us made it to the meeting organised by Peter Ellis today for the group. Sadly, several people were caught out with family illness or chimney problems.

Peter Ellis, Keith Locke and I made up this informal gathering in the very lively Coffee Link on Neptune Quay.

We talked about the discussions I had with ABP Ports and our inclusive approach to other photographers. I will send a formal email to the Deputy Port Manager and also to another local camera club person, Kevin Marrable to join us. Peter Ellis will check with Stew about including people in the Facebook group. I don’t know what the protocols are so best that the Webmaster tells Peter.

Talking of web stuff, we felt that it was important that members of the group contributed to the blog that Stew set up for us. The group is not about the ‘Dock’. That just happened to be a catalyst that Stew came up with to get us all together. We all have other series work and projects on the go that are interesting to us all as photographers. Peter will check with Stew about all the other members getting  credentials to make posts to the blog. I offered to show Keith how to go about it.

We talked about using the blog to keep us all informed about what we are doing so it would be good to get some comments on threads. One thing that was evident that even in our approaches to the project, despite us being similar ages and possessing the same the same colour hair, we are all different and despite us being in a contemporary group we cannot be labelled one way or the other. Ipswich docks has had a regular photographic record made from the day it was opened. I doubt there is any other place with such a record but it was I have found out the biggest dock in Europe at the time it opened in 1845. So from soon after the birth of photography this place has morphed in as many ways as photography itself. I rather like that.

There is no way it can ever be the same or indeed ought it to be. What I do like about some of the developments going on is the homage that has been paid to the industrial heritage.

I’ve included as seasonal an image as I could muster for this post. The block is synonymous with how this group will produce a body of work. I recall from my schooldays that blocks were an invention that lessened effort and made for lifting heavier loads. The blog is our block so if people could start posting on it to let us know what they are up to then we will all get something from the sharing experience.

Enjoy the season and no doubt Peter will be in touch about the next meeting in the New Year

Comments from original blog

Peter Ellis · December 4, 2014 Reply

Thanks Tom – I particularly like the ‘Block’ analogy. It was great to chat with Tom and Keith yesterday – they have a wealth of knowledge about the area and I now know where my old favourite ‘Wagon Wheels’ came from! The dock site is changing relatively fast so it is an apt project for the group to work on together – there is no obligation by the way, as Tom states a lot of you will have your own projects as well and we want to see them as well…. so get posting!

Bob Farrer · December 4, 2014 Reply

Yes the block analogy is very good. Very sorry to miss out yesterday but I needed to get down to Sussex to help out my Mum who was under the weather.


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