A Cold Reconnaissance

Original post November 24, 2014 By: Tom Owens

It was rather cold this morning following the first frost of the Winter which in turn followed 24 hours of rainfall here in Ipswich.

Apart from the exercise that is primarily tuned to removing my BA (Hons) paunch, I also use it to scout for new locations or see the same places in differing light. That is a discipline I learned during my three years at UCS.

As I moved up through the future ‘Enterprise Island’ I spotted HMCC Searcher alongside on the commercial quay in her usual berth for visiting ‘Revenue Cutters’. I was serving on HMRC Venturous (HMRC morphed to HMCC around 1979) when I first visited Ipswich in the Winter of 1977. I expect it must have around November but I do not have any detailed logs left to confirm that. Anyway seeing one of these vessels always makes me want to get an image in the can. I served on the previous HMCC Searcher in 1979. I was on the commissioning crew and we took her from Brooke Marine in Lowestoft to Brooke Marine in Lowestoft via a clockwise circumnavigation of Great Britain from September through to December. It was nothing like the vessels they have now but at the time it was a big step forward in terms raw power, endurance and sea keeping qualities.

As I was out making sketchbook images for future serious shooting I had the point and shoot tucked under my jacket. Given the incredibly bright conditions this little camera fell into it’s own. I have found that on repetitive visits to the same location I am sometimes drawn to shooting images at 180 degree variance. It just happens like that and especially with a golden light as this morning’s sunrise it was a golden (sic) opportunity.

The panoramic is a bog standard stitch together in CS6. Other than cropping and some dodge and burn it is as seen. The verdant topped vessel must have been there a while tucked around the back of a shed but it was there for the taking.

I have a meeting with the Deputy Port Manager on Wednesday to try and gain us access to restricted areas. I hope the initial ‘No’ will change in part to a ‘Yes’. He is at least qualified to say ‘No’ and one of my mantras is not to accept a ‘No’ from someone who cannot give me a ‘Yes’.






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